Complete CAD/CAM system 

Milling Unit   Scanner   PC + Screen   Modellier   Cam

неограниченные возможности комбинации 


неограниченные возможности комбинации

Машину можно доукомплектовать в любое время с
неограниченными возможностями комбинациями

Into the future independently with the open system 

As an alternative to Zirkonzahn’s complete solution, you have the possibility to import scan data from any third party or intraoral scanner and subsequently mill it with any Zirkonzahn milling unit. Open STL data from the S600 ARTI scanner as well as OBJ data from the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner can be loaded into any open modelling software for further processing. With the CAD/CAM Importation of STL-Files software module you can import any kind of open data from a third party CAD software directly into the Zirkonzahn.Nesting software allowing you to mill it with any Zirkonzahn milling unit.