Zirkonzahn. The modelling software and the various software modules 

Benefits of our software
  • Flexibility and user-friendliness: it is a program developed by dental technicians
  • Scanning, modelling and milling operations can be performed simultaneously
  • Expandable to future technologies unknown today
  • Constant system updating according to new developments

Software modules for the construction of individual abutments

CAD/CAM software module for screw-retained bridges
  • Creation of screw-retained bridges and of bars with individual profiles
  • Freedom in modelling of the emergence profile in consideration of the tooth’s anatomical shape
  • Virtual archives constantly updated with new implant systems and with teeth of various shapes
  • Screw-retained bridges can be milled directly in your own laboratory thanks to our CAD/CAM 5+1 system
CAD/CAM software module for abutments
  • Single abutments with their relating emergence profiles can be made
  • Implementation of the most diverse implant systems
  • Creation of abutments in function of the secondary structure. Once the work is finished it is possible to mill the abutment and the secondary structure simultaneously
  • Graphic overlay of the bridge elements with semi-transparent effect during abutment construction, so as to keep track of the ideal external shape of the tooth

Interaction of the various software modules 

Our software is capable of supporting various implant systems and always considers the abutments in relation to the secondary structure in order to mill the two simultaneously.

The two software modules “Abutments” and “Screw-retained bridges” complete each other impeccably, giving technicians extensive operational freedom thus allowing them to go from the creation of single implants to the creation of integral occlusally screw-retained zirconia bridges.

With our CAD/CAM 5-TEC system and the innovative 5+1 technique they can also create and mill the entire work-piece quickly and without problems directly in their own laboratories. This allows for laboratory production of the entire structure while ensuring very high quality results.