Door Handle Adapter 

Door Handle Adapter - milled with Zirkonzahn milling machine

Touching door handles with coronaviruses on them can lead to further spread. With the Door Handle Adapter, doors are opened easily without direct hand contact.
You can mill the Door Handle Adapter in-house with your Zirkonzahn milling machine.

  • Zirkonzahn milling machine for resin
  • Zirkonzahn material blank Temp Basic or Try-In II, height 20 mm
  • Door handles with a diameter of 16-22 mm
Here we go:
  • Download the milling file here
  • Upload milling file in Zirkonzahn.Fräsen software
  • Insert resin block Temp Basic or Try-In III H20 in milling machine
  • Mill with CAD/CAM Milling bur 2 L, 1,5 L and 0, 3C S PMMA
  • Remove the door handle adapter from the material block
  • Fasten to a door handle with 4 screws (e.g. 2 x countersunk screws M4x12 and 2 x countersunk screws M4x16). If necessary, wrap the door handle with foam rubber or adhesive tape beforehand to protect it.

Milling file available here:

Raw-Abutment® Inspector 

The Raw-Abutment® Inspector made from hygienic stainless steel is a support device for post milled Raw-Abutments®. With the suction cup foot, the device can easily be fixed on all smooth surfaces. With the 360° rotatable and adjustable supporting arm it is possible to align the Raw-Abutments® in such a way under the microscope, so that they can be visually inspected. Furthermore the support device is also suitable for polishing post milled Raw-Abutments®.  For this purpose, the Zirkonzahn Diamond Polishing Paste is especially recommended.
Properties at a glance
  • Easy fixing of post milled Raw-Abutments®
  • hygienic Stainless steel (inox)
  • Easy to fix suction cup foot
  • 360° rotatable  supporting arm
  • Facilitates the visual inspection and polishing of post milled Raw-Abutments® (e.g. with Zirkonzahn Diamond Polishing Paste)

Numer katalogowy:   ZBAA9761

Diamond Polishing Paste 

This Diamond Polishing Paste can be used not only with metal (titan and cobalt-chromium, Raw-Abutment®, Bridge-Rod) and pre-sintered metal structures, but also with zirconia structures. With the diamond particles and its specific composition, the Diamond Polishing Paste smooth the structure surface while ensuring high gloss polishing. The Diamond Polishing Paste combines in a single step the pre-polishing and the high-gloss polishing phases.
Properties at a glance
  • Universal paste with diamond particles for metal, non-precious metal or zirconia structures as well as Raw-Abutment® and Bridge Rod structures
  • The pre-polishing and the high gloss polishing phases are combined in one single step
  • To be used with normal tool holder brushes

Numer katalogowy:   ZBAA9821