MUA – Multi Unit Abutment 


The Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments, without an anti-rotation device, are especially suited for multi-unit restorations (min. 2 elements). Thanks to their standardised Zirkonzahn connection, they serve as adapter between the implant system and the over structure.
Like this, the over structure can be directly, or with an additional titanium basis, screwed on different implant systems. With the unified connection also all additional components, like titanium bases, Scanmarker, White Scanmarker, laboratory analogues and transfer abutments, are reduced to one connection.

The Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments are manufactured in biocompatible titanium and designed as one single piece to avoid bacterial penetration. Optionally, they are also available gold-plated. The golden colour reduces the grey value of the whole structure, which is an advantage especially with translucent secondary structures. For a perfect emergence profile on different gingival levels, additionally we provide the Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments in 5 heights.
For a secure fixing of the Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments interorally, the Zirkonzahn MUA Driver, on which the Abutments are well seated, can be used. Like this, the danger of swallowing can be significantly reduced for the patient.

Properties at a glance:
  • without anti-rotation device
  • for a unified connection of a multi-unit restoration to different implant systems
  • well suited for implants with highly divergent paths of insertion thanks to their conical connection geometry (30°)
  • one-piece to prevent bacterial penetration
  • no cementation necessary; easy removal
  • available in 5 heights for a perfect adaptation to the gingiva
  • for an increased biocompatibility and a reduced grey value also available in gold-plated titanium
  • Zirkonzahn MUA Driver for easy handling

Zirkonzahn Multi Unit Abutments
Heights: 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3,5 and 4.5mm

Complementary products:

Scanmarker, White Scanmarker, transfer abutment, titanium bases (in two different heights), laboratory analog, Zirkonzahn MUA Driver and Zirkonzahn Screw Driver (short, medium, long)