M4 Wet Heavy Metal Milling Unit 

M4 Wet Heavy Metal Milling Unit – The all-rounder 

The M4 Wet Heavy Metal milling unit combines the vast experience in CAD/CAM technology and the production of millable materials with new technological insights. A casing of tempered and UNI ISO certified Sicurit glass, in high quality design, forms the packaging of this 1500 W and 77 lbs milling unit, which withstands all vibrations. The M4 Wet Heavy Metal milling unit is equipped with the proven 5+1 axes simultaneous milling technology. Its centrepiece consists of the 360° rotatable workpiece table, which permits to mill also hard to reach areas, as for example undercuts and divergences. This enables, besides the standard indications such as individual crowns, inlays, onlays or veneers, also the production of occlusally screw-retained bridges, attachment or bars. The extra-large milling area with different types of blank holders permits the elaboration of up to 10 models, 20 full arch bridges, 30 Raw-Abutments®, Bridge-Rods and/or glass ceramic blanks in a single milling process. Furthermore, the integrated tool changer function and the tool magazine allow the automatic exchange of up to 32 milling burs. The M4 Wet Heavy Metal milling unit permits the elaboration of all structures needed for the manufacturing of a complex dental restoration (such as titanium bars, friction copings, secondary structures) in a single milling process.
As befits a true all-rounder, the build-in wet processing function allows the milling of all common soft and hart materials (zirconia, resin, wax, sinter metal, chrome-cobalt, titanium, glass ceramics and composite).

Basic Equipment 

  • Computer-controlled 5+1 axis simultaneous milling unit with 32-fold tool changer and wet processing function for processing of all dental prosthesis materials (zirconiaresinwaxsinter metal, chrome-cobalt, titanium, precast titanium abutment blanks Raw-Abutments®, precast bridge blanks Bridge-Rods, glass ceramics and composite)
  • Different blank holder for round material blanks and other material forms:
    • 2-Blank-Plate
    • 4-Blank-Plate
    • Raw-Abutment®/Bridge-Rod Holder M4
    • Glass Ceramics Holder M4

Overview of the characteristics 

  • 5+1 axes simultaneous milling technology optionally with Milling Spindle Hard Automatic or Performance Milling Spindle M4 (high-performance, water-cooled milling spindle with integrated suction device; at extra charge)
  • CAD/CAM milling bur 6 mm for more stability during the milling process
  • For processing zirconia, resin, wax, wood, sinter metal, chrome-cobalt, titanium as well as precast titanium abutment blanks
    (Raw-Abutments®), precast bridge blanks (Bridge-Rods), glass ceramics and composite
  • With an extra large milling area (39 x 17 cm) specifically suitable for the production of models (up to 20 full arch bridges)
  • The tool changer function and the tool magazine enable the automatic changing of up to 32 milling tools
  • The automatically opening protective glass prevents that milling chips and other dirt particles contaminate the tools stored in the tool magazine
  • During the elaboration of resins, the Ioniser (optional) ensures a clean milling unit by discharging the plastic shavings. This results in more cleanliness during the milling process and increases the machine performance since cleaning is no longer necessary
  • Different combinable blank holders (mainly included in the scope of delivery): 2-Blank-Plate, 4-Blank-Plate, Raw-Abutment®/Bridge-Rod Holder M4, Glass Ceramics Holder M4, Combi-Holder Raw/Glass M4, JawPositioner Support
  • All structures needed for the manufacturing of a complex dental restoration can be produced in a single milling process


NEW Ioniser M4
Device for the electrostatic discharge of plastic shavings for more cleanliness during the milling process (optionally for the new device or as retrofitting article)

Item number: ZBAC3301

Maximum flexibility 

Depending on the work requirements, various blank holders can be combined in the 360° rotatable workpiece table:

Option 1
Workpiece table with extra-large Model Blank M4 Beige – for the production of up to 20 full arches in a single milling process.

Option 2

4 Blank-Plate – Blank holder with inserts for up to 4 material blanks Ø 3.7 inches; in this way the different materials needed for a restoration can be processed in just one milling process.

Option 3

3 x Raw-Abutment®/Bridge-Rod Holder M4 – up to
30 Raw-Abutments® or Bridge-Rods can be processed in a single milling process.
3 x Glass Ceramics Holder M4 for the processing of up to 30 glass ceramic blanks.

Option 4

2-Blank-Plate with a  Raw-Abutment®/Bridge-Rod Holder M4 each or a Glass Ceramics Holder M4 – for the processing of 2 material blanks Ø 3.7 inches, 10 Raw-Abutment®/Bridge-Rod blanks or
10 glass ceramic blanks.

Processable materials with full equipment 

 Zirconia  Resin  Wax  Wood  Sinter
 Titanium  Raw-
 Bridge-Rod  Glass
Machine running time per unit:
Wax: 7 min.
Zirconia, resin, sinter metal: 9 min.
Glass ceramics: 30-40 min.
Titanium, chrome-cobalt: 50 min.

Technical specifications 

Weight 350 kg

Width 132 cm

Height 69 cm

Depth 84 cm

Casing Hardened Sicurit glass UNI ISO 12150

Processing axes 5+1

Power capacity 1500 W

Operating voltage 100 – 240V

Power input 6.5 A (13.5 A)

Chuck Ø 6 mm

Spindle speed Depending on equipment

Torque 13 Ncm

Workpiece Model Blank M4 (39 x 17 mm) or material blanks (Ø 95 mm)


Further information and accessories 

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