Why use Prettau® Zirconia?


A reoccurring issue in our professional circles is the question whether solid, full-contour Zirconia crowns are at all indicated in the view of aesthetics, abrasion characteristics, compatibility and strength. Can we recommend them to our patients? As far as (full-anatomical-contour) solid Zirconia restorations are concerned, we all agree that a special translucent Zirconia material is needed first. For this reason we have developed the highly translucent Prettau Zirconia which is used in conjunction with a specialized colouring technique that eliminates the use of veneer ceramics entirely. In this way, aesthetically pleasing full-Zirconia (FZ) restorations, i.e. the ‘Prettau Bridge’ can be realized.

Prettau Zirconia comes into a world of its own especially in the field of implant dentistry, in cases of limited available space or restorations with tissue flanges. One of the many advantages is the complete elimination of posterior occlusal chipping because only the labial or buccal surfaces are porcelain veneered; all functional areas are maintained as solid Prettau Zirconia.


"Zirconia: Highly biocompatible ceramic, polishable, monolithic applications – unique.
Dr. Nico Bühler - Zurich, Switzerland

General information about Prettau® Zirconia

Prettau Zirconia is used to realize all kind of restorations. Zirconia is the result of a chemical process: the basis is Zirconia sand, partially stabilized with Yttrium, and made into Zirconia blanks through a mechanical process. Zirconia dioxide is, among the today available dental ceramics, without any doubt the material with the highest stability and fracture toughness.

Zirkonzahn offers, thanks to an optimized microstructure of the Zirconia dioxide, extra translucent Prettau Zirconia. In combination with Prettau Colour Liquids and the stains you can create full Zirconia bridges, eliminating ceramic chipping.


  • Higher translucency thanks to the Zirconia‘s* optimized microstructure
  • No ceramic chipping
  • No abrasion vis-à-vis the antagonist tooth
  • 200% higher flexural strength thanks to the eliminiation of the veneer ceramics
  • Ideal especially in case of implants, reduced available space or restoration with gingival reconstruction

Dental abrasive measurements Prettau® Zirconia 

By contrast veneer porcelain (or even metal) will cause wear on natural dentition due to its highly porous structure which acts like sandpaper.
To illustrate this phenomenon by a practical exaMPLE:
Rub wood against a smooth glass pane and nothing will happen but, rub wood against wood and it will splinter. As two materials of the same kind meet (tooth against tooth), natural dentition will inevitably wear also. However, when natural tooth meets smooth Zirconia (like wood against glass) no abrasion occurs.

The abrasive nature of any material is determined by its degree of surface polish and inherent density.

The ”softer” enamel will glide over polished, much harder Zirconia without wear.


Schematic view of the abrasion in the indenter according to each sample


Download more information about dental abrasive measurements here.

Processing of Prettau® Zirconia 

Teeth are modelled and milled as usual, but then coloured with the special Colour Liquids and sintered in the sintering furnace with a specially elaborated program for that purpose.

The technical know-how of the dental technician now passes on from tissue build-up technique to colouring technique. The occlusal surface no longer needs to be tediously covered with ceramics, but can simply be copied from the completely modelled tooth.

Instructions Colour Liquid Prettau® Instructions Colour Liquid Prettau® Aquarell

Prettau® Zirconia work examples 

We have a lot of work examples. Click here to see what our Zirconia experts are doing or have a look at our work examples:

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Prettau® Zirconia products 

You can use the Zirconia blanks for manuel milling and also for CAD/CAM milling. Find out more about our products here.

For further processing you can find here information about our Colour Liquid Prettau® and ICE Zirkon Stains Prettau®

IdentCeram Certificates certify quality and content 

IdentCeram certificates have two parts. The lab retains one with its case records. The second is sent with the case to the dentist to document the material used and for filing in the patient's records. Once filed, the IdentCeram certificate is also useful in supporting insurance claims. Click here for further informations.


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