M1 Abutment Milling Unit 


  • Computer-controlled 4 axes milling unit with 6-fold tool changer, wet processing, processing of Raw-Abutment®
  • PC and screen
  • CAM software
  • Basic modelling software

Overview of the characteristics 

  • 4 axes milling technology
  • For processing of glass ceramics and precast titanium abutments Raw-Abutment® and Bridge-Rod Titan 5 and Chrom-Cobalt
  • Milling Spindle Hard Automatic with 6-fold tool changer
  • Wet processing
  • Particularly space-saving
  • Equipped with blocking air

Processable materials with full equipment 

 Bridge-Rod  Glass

Technical specifications 

Weight 105 kg

Width 47.7 cm

Height 69 cm

Depth 61 cm

Glass lining Hardened Sicurit glass UNI ISO 12150

Processing axes 4

Power capacity 600 W

Operating voltage 230 V (115 V)

Power input 2,6 A (5,5 A)

Chuck Ø 6 mm

Spindle speed Standard version: max. 50,000 R.p.m.

Torque 13 Ncm

Further information and accessories 

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