Further processing 

Due to the optimized microstructure of zirconium oxide, Prettau® Anterior® is highly translucent and aesthetic. In combination with the Colour Liquid Prettau® Anterior® Aquarell especially developed for this purpose, the ICE Zirkon Malfarben, fully anatomical restorations are now also possible in the anterior tooth region. In this way, the problem of ceramic chipping in the anterior tooth region can be avoided.

Contrary to glass ceramic, Prettau® Anterior® is a polychrome (multi-coloured) material. This means that a Prettau® Anterior® restoration can be coloured in several colours already before the sintering process. Restorations made of glass ceramics merely show colour shades before sintering and only get their final characteristics through the use of colouring stains.
Prettau® Anterior® is sintered at only 1,500° C, resulting in shorter sintering times.