New Zirkonzahn Compact line M1 Milling Unit – compact, fast, precise 

You only buy and pay for what you really need
Labs of various dimensions and manpower want to take advantage of the CAD/CAM technology.
After the initial CAD/CAM euphoria the conception regarding the required application spectrum is in the
meantime very clear and precise.
In order to meet the different requirements the M1 milling machine compact line is available in several models. You only buy and pay for what you really need, nothing more!

Various versions for differentiated and clear labs needs
The complete Milling Unit M1 line is particularly compact and space saving (47.7 x 69.3 x 61.3 cm) and is characterized by its extreme short milling time thanks to the fast engines. It can be combined in an optimal way with the Zirkonzahn Scanner S600 ARTI and the user-friendly Zirkonzahn software.
The chosen version determines which indications should be processed with which materials.