Индивидуальные циркониевые абатменты  

Implementation of the most diverse implant systems
  • All of the components required for the scanning, construction and milling of the restorations are made by us.
  • We are the sole owners of the patent rights regarding the process, and we have the perfect knowledge of the materials we use, of their characteristics and of any interference.
  • This is why we can guarantee, not only constantly high quality, but also the development of new technologies.
  • We can respond flexibly to the changes in requirements and to new market development.
  • Currently there are over 100 different implant systems on the market and we continue to upgrade our software with new systems and to update them.


By using our scanmarker, we can construct zirconia structures of various kinds

Extraordinary cosmetic qualities
  • - Personalized emergence profile
  • - Zirconia colouring in the same shades of the teeth
  • - No grey edges in case of gum shrinking
  • - Whitening of the thin mucosa

Very high biocompatibility
  • Excellent integration of soft tissues
  • Lower bacterial depositing compared to that with metal abutments
  • Very high stability
  • No allergy
  • No need to fi le down adjacent teeth

Wide range of applications
  • From single crowns, in the anterior and lateral sectors, to occlusally screw-retained integral zirconia bridges

  • Individual modelling, no long, pre-processed, abutment adaptation procedure
  • “Time-saving” virtual construction and immediate precision milling
  • Simultaneous milling of the abutment and of the secondary structure

Products made in own laboratory and quality guarantee
  • Production and quality control directly in your own laboratory