NEWPrettau® Anterior® Multistratum® 

  • A highly translucent, pre-coloured zirconia with natural multicolour shading for the manufacture of single crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers as well as 3-unit bridges (full contour restorations or reduced structures for ceramic layering)

  • The multicolour shading reproduces the natural tooth colours from dentine to enamel. Thanks to this, the manual colouring of the restoration before sintering is not required.

  • After sintering, the restoration can be personalised with ICE Zirkon Stains Prettau® and ICE Zirkon 3D Stains by Enrico Steger.

  • High flexural strength (>600 MPa)

  • Ideal alternative to Lithium-Disilicate

  • Can also be used for restorations in the posterior tooth region

  • Neither chipping nor abrasion of antagonists