Advertising Package Prettau® 4 Anterior® 

The Prettau® 4 Anterior® advertising package contains many advertising instruments regarding our highly translucent Prettau® 4 Anterior®.
It will help you to provide your clients with an accurate material description and to convince them of the quality of this Zirkonzahn zirconia.

The package includes:
  • 1 demo video “The HAMMER Test”
  • 20 illustrated postcards
  • 2 certificates of the University of Pennsylvania that prove the flexural strength of our material
  • “Crown in water” - 10 boxes including test tubes to offer to your clients a crown milled by yourself in Prettau® 4 Anterior®
  • 30 4-sided inserts (10 for 3 different typologies)
  • 1 presentation letter to send to your dentist as e-mail or letter
  • Access to an extensive image database you can draw on
Quantity: 1
Item number: WEAB2212