Mill Raw-Abutment® now also with your own milling unit thanks to the Raw-Abutment® Holder

Raw-Abutment® Holder

the holding device for easy upgrading of the Milling Units M1 Wet Heavy and M5

Thanks to the easily installable Raw-Abutment® Holder, the titanium abutment blanks Raw-Abutment® can now also be processed with the Milling Units M1 Wet Heavy and M5. Hence it is now also possible to create individual and extremely precise-fitting abutments of ASTM tested biocompatible TITAN 5 with your own CAD/CAM device, in only 20 minutes. Due to the production in your own laboratory, you not only expand the service spectrum of your CAD/CAM device – leading to enormous time savings and an increased added value of your laboratory – but you can also even better guarantee the quality of your products, having actively participated in the production process.


Pre-fabricated blanks of biocompatible Titan 5 for production of individual abutments

Raw-Abutment® with highly precise and industrially precast implant connections for different implant systems

The industrially prefabricated implant connection of the Raw-Abutment® titanium abutment blanks guarantees highest precision and fitting accuracy. The special milling strategies and milling bodies ensure a particularly smooth surface structure. The abutment geometry is freely and individually customisable. Depending on the implant system, different Raw-Abutment® blanks are required. Their range is continually being extended.

Titanium Spectral-Colouring Anodizer

With the Titanium Spectral-Colouring Anodizer the Raw-Abutment® can be anodised in the desired colour (e.g. golden) and therefore don't shine through even under zirconia abutments. This leads to even more natural and individually aesthetical restorations.

Processable with the following milling units


Overview of all currently available Raw-Abutment®