Zirkonzahn.Mobile - milling control 


Keep an eye on your milling unit

With Zirkonzahn.Mobile you are able to control at any time the milling process on your CAD/CAM milling unit. 
The app displays at a glance which file is being milled, the current progress of the process and the remaining milling time. 

Milling stops or interruptions, provoked by a necessary tool replacement, are also displayed. It is also possible to check several milling units simultaneously, even if these are situated in different places.

The app functions at a glance:
  • Compatible with all Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM milling units 
  • Simultaneous control of several milling units 
  • Display of the milling status (processing, milling interruption, ending of the milling process) 
  • Percental display of the milling progress and display of the remaining milling time
  • Milling stop,error and tool replacement report with push notifications
  • Push notification after successfully completed milling process
  • Simple access to homepage and webshop

Minimum requirements:
  • Software version 3.5.6